Toronto V. Uber Taxis

On Tuesday, Toronto’s Licensing Standard Office launched a court injunction and called a press-conference to raise safety concerns regarding Uber, a San Francisco based ride-share program that has been operating in the city since 2012. Uber is a smartphone app that connects rider with drivers; the UberX app can be downloaded by anyone interested in…


CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music -Nigel Stanford

I just came across a crazy music video experiment involving visual sound, known as cymatics. Nigel Stanford’s “ambient dub” song titled Cymatics was actually written and recorded after the filming for the music video was completed. The video features six different cymatic experiments that visualized sound frequencies. What they achieved was most spectacular and achievable due…


Action Figures for Girls

Princess’ can rescue themselves and damsels are no longer in distress, GoldieBlox creator Debbie Sterling is tearing down the Barbie doll standard for girls toys by introducing an action figure to encourage girls to focus on brains instead of beauty. It started with making construction sets aimed towards young girls and has exploded from there. The…



This is the story of how some artists were able to create a vision and implement it to enhance the public realm in poor communities. Even the smallest street art project can uplift the spirits of neighborhoods that are typically neglected due to class segregation.   Go to their website to find out more information: http://www.favelapainting.com/


Sartorial Victory: An Editorial by Jeremy Rodney-Hall

  “Sartorial Victory” is a atheistically pleasing, eye-catching editorial spread by Toronto photographer Jeremy Rodney-Hall. With vibrant, bold colour and a good sense of design, this editorial is definitely a favourite. The editorial also features fashion-forward model Joseph Adamu. “This series focuses on colour & expression as we explore the urban landscape of this wonderfully…