#TheAlleyTO wait till you hear Kyara

A new face at the Alley, 20-year old blues and soul singer, Kyara is an aspiring musician and Torontonian. This beautiful lady and I had a chance to speak a couple days ago and her perspective on life truly blew my mind.
According to her mother, Kyara began making music at the mere age of 11, when she was only in grade 5. Sitting in the bathroom and writing lyrics, she would rush to her mother and show her producing skills off in her notebooks. She would transpose music simply by ear, not knowing fully how to read music yet, and would use her plastic recorder (yes, the dreadful flutes we were forced to play in elementary) to compose melodies and practice her talent. When grade 7 came around, Kyara chose the clarinet instead of sticking to her recorder and became significantly good enough to play in the grade 8 band as a special exception amongst very few others. It was grade 8 when she finally began learning the dreadfully long process of memorizing musical theory. Thus, she continued her clarinet playing all throughout middle and high school until about grade 11 and at that point, after 4 years, she became fairly good at the clarinet. Currently, Kyara is investing her time in learning the acoustic guitar and wants to transition into the electronic guitar. Why? Because she claims “electric guitar is the root of the soul. Piano and electric guitar together transpose emotion” and would one day like to add in violin to her list of assets as well. Together, these instruments have the capacity to bring music to life.
Growing up constantly around music due to the fact that Kyara’s mom was a DJ (So dope, I know) watching her “spinning on turntables and making breakfast” was a normal day-to-day life activity. Kyara got her musically intuitive side from her father’s side; her aunt also being a musician, and the secret identity painter/drawer in Kyara stems from her mother’s side of the family. She didn’t really take music seriously until she was seventeen, and a workshop co-ordinator heard her sing and told her she had something special; and that the fact that she wasn’t serious about her singing made it seem as if she was running away from her talent of poetry. Kyara is ridiculously good with words, I mean I should have written this whole interview in her words and it would have been ten times better probably. She has this insane talent of incorporating beautiful poetry into her writing, however, this was never her dream. Kyara envisioned her life as a painter in a studio apartment in New York, living with a carefree and ideal sense of perception. Nevertheless, her intuition told her she needed to keep going with her singing, and she was terrified and disappointed with her answer. See, Kyara believes there is a path for everyone; she had experienced omens one after another and impossible-to-ignore, in-your-face kind of signs along the road that kept pushing her to her singing career, and finally she began to let herself become more open to it.
Kyara writes music about circumstantial scenarios,  mostly personal conflicts and relationships between individuals because of the strong chemistry and energy two people can share. She is very inspired by many things, especially travelling and questioning the world and its true meanings. For her to keep going, all she really needs is her vision board on her wall; filled to the brim with inspirational quotes and words to keep her spirits high whenever she would feel doubt within herself.
I asked her an odd question; if I gave her a book to read and upon reading it she realized it was about her entire life, would she read to the end to find out what happens to her?
“No. Never. I would never want to read to the end because I don’t want to ruin the essence of what life is about; what surprises it could hold for me. If I read anything, it would be the missed opportunities of my past and see what I lacked so I could work towards earning it back in the future.”
So I wondered if she wouldn’t want to know where she was in five years and she laughed and said “Oh I already know that. In 5 years I have made it. I have a nice house, my mother has a nice house, my family has luxuries. I am either single or in a serious relationship and I have already become international at that point. I am on the cover of Rolling Stones. See, the work that I’m putting in now, people don’t see it because it’s not completed yet. It is very important for me to set out the right foot forward. The right vision is going to the work. Not to be egotistical or anything, but strictly from what I believe and what I do know is that I am what the world needs. Now, I don’t take myself seriously but I do take my music seriously. To give music and to provide that essential need, I’m the woman for that. 
Expect and explosion one day. Expect it to be hard-hitting…and expect to just feel and understand.”
I have no words of my own to after that. Just check her out is all I ask. Alley, November 9th. Part II. It’ll be bliss.
Shar /@sriffa_xo
Kyara’s contact:
Twitter: @kyarat
YouTube: speculatethis
Facebook Fanpage: Kyara FanPage

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