Spoke’N’Heard’s III ANNUM Celebration

This past Sunday the Toronto creative arts collective and non-profit youth artreach organization Spoke’N’Heard, marked its third anniversary with their III ANNUM Celebration. The event was held at House of Moments, an open-concept Pan-Asian restaurant/art gallery in the heart of Leslieville and featured performances from singer/songwriter Shi Wisdom, Juno Award Nominee Ray Robinson and Dane Hartsell, award winning poet Lishai Peel accompanied by musician Waleed Abdulhamid, Regent Park’s own Mustafa the Poet and Capital Slam Champion Prufrock Shadowrunner. The evening also featured guest speaker and Mayoral Candidate Olivia Chow. Spoke’N’Heard’s III ANNUM was a testament to their work in striving to, “reveal the potential that various forms of artistic expressions have, to revitalize and to inspire our generation.” Be sure to follow Spoke’N’Heard as they continue to educate and inspire and showcase our city’s youth through the arts.

spoke24 spoke27 spoke26 spoke25 spoke22 spoke20 spoke19 spoke16 spoke17 spoke18 spoke14 spoke13 spoke11 spoke6 spoke9 spoke5 spoke4 spoke3 spoke2 spoke1 copyspoke21 spoke8Glenn Pritchard // @gg9man

All images by Glenn Pritchard



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