New Wave: Club Kids

For those of you who are unaware of who the original Club Kids are, it was a group of young New York City group led by Michael Alig and James St.James in the late 80’s and early 90’s. This group was known for their outrageous costumes, crazy parties and large amount of drug use. The Club Kid idea has only taken off from there.

They have paved the way for future Club Kids of our generation. I have recently become infatuated with these new club socialites. Their fashion is a mix of pop art, sea punk, Andy Warhol meets outrageous art pieces. These party kids are just taking things to the next level and I envy them for it!


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💎✨#TBT DIAMOND BOY✨💎 one of my favorite looks I've ever done 💕

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The look it together! Off to KUNST!!! #nyc #nightlife #clubkid #realness #kunst #verboten @bartschland

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They are bright, brilliant and blowing my mind. Don’t we all just wanna be a Club Kid?

– R

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