This is not about Bruce Jenner


This is not about Bruce Jenner – this is about transphobia.

In recent news, Bruce Jenner, a former olympian and TV star, has been plastered all over the internet because it has been *rumoured* that they have decided to transition to a woman.

Since the media likes to make a big deal out of these things and perpetuate the confusion between transitioning, gender identity, and sexual orientation, I decided to not write about Bruce Jenner’s personal life and when they will decide to be open about transitioning, but rather go through a Trans101 anti-ignorance list with you.

“Transgender is when your gender identity doesn’t match the gender assigned to you.”

So in other words, gender does not always match up with a person’s genitals.

  • A trans man is someone who is assigned the gender of ‘woman’ at birth, but identifies as a man.
  • A trans woman is someone who is assigned the gender of ‘man’ at birth, but identifies as a woman.

It is important to not confuse gender identity with sexual orientation – these two are NOT the same thing and do not affect each other. The gender you identify as will not dictate what sex you are attracted to!

Lastly, glaverne30f-1-webender identity does not speak to someone’s genitals or decision to transition. This is irrelevant personal information that only a trans person undergoing a transition might decide to open up to you about if you are close friends!

Remember when the issue of Time magazine came out last year with Laverne Cox [click to hear her eye-opening story] on the cover? That was a proud moment. Let’s not forget this kind of acceptance for all trans people.

So, at the end of the day, whether Bruce has revealed a different identity than the one we know, or decided to transition, it is really none of our business, and it is most definitely not a reason to start bullying someone about their personal life.

Here is a good ol’ Russel Brand rant to put you in your place, and just below it, yet another informative Laci Green video to educate, just in case you’re still confused!

– Sarah

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