Islamic State Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive

jordanian-pilot-muath-al-kassasbehA video released by the Islamic State Tuesday confirms the death of a 26 year-old Jordanian pilot, Mu’ath Al Kassasbeh. He was taken captive in mid December when his F-16 crashed near Raqqa, Syria. ISIL has been known for their barbaric executions of hostages which includes beheadings and firing squads. In their most recent execution, screenshots of the video show Al Kassasbeh in an orange jumpsuit locked in a cage with a line of fuel leading to him, that is subsequently lit on fire.

maaz-2The Jordanian government vowed an “earth-shattering” response against ISIL, while the army spokesman, General Mamduh al Amiri, is quoted saying, “the blood of the martyr will not have been shed in vain and … vengeance will be proportional to this catastrophe that has struck all Jordanians.”images

It is also being reported that the video is a month old and the pilot was actually killed on January 3rd, nearly a month before ISIL offered to spare his life in return for al Qaeda prisoner, Sajida al Rishawi. This further solidifies the extent of barbarity that ISIL posseses, especially in regards to their own fellow Muslims (burning someone alive is against the Qur’anic law.) This also proves that IS is incapable of negotiations and must only be met with resistance and force.
jordanian-pilot-maaz-al-kassasbeh-9Glenn Pritchard, staff photographer and writer for power and politics.

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