[UNBOUND] Artist Profile: KARE

Get to know the artists from the upcoming [UNBOUND] art show!

Kare is a Toronto-based visual artist, graffiti writer and is better known for her graffiti-style characters. Around the city, it is easy to recognize the girl with the hair sweeping over her face. Let’s take a peak underneath…

What type of work do you create as an artist? (Mediums, styles…)

I enjoy doing simple letters and illustrations with ink on paper and aerosol and/or paint marker on pretty much whatever. I’m currently working towards trying other mediums like acrylics and oils and integrating my current mediums with the technology and resources I have available to me. In terms of ‘style,’ I’m trying to move away from the idea of a need for a particular style, especially right now as I’m still learning and figuring things out. I’ve realized that, for me, the need for a particular style and the unspoken pressure around me has been limiting me and has left me in a stagnant place for a while, so I’m trying to get out of that. Not sure how, but I’ll figure it out.

What was the main thing that you had to go through to get you to where you are now as an artist?

My biggest struggle was, and still is myself, and getting through and past the ideas that people had/have of me, expecting me to be this and that, but never myself.

What is the main thing that you try to achieve with your work?

Doing and being better than I was before. That, or being messy and screwing up and being OK with it. I’ve been a perfectionist basically my whole life and that’s something about myself that I don’t like. It drives me mad. “Perfection” (what does that even mean?) is gross.

What does being ‘unbound as an artist’ mean to you?

Letting go of the things that limit me. Doing whatever I want. Being 100% myself.

Where can we find your work online, and where can we see your work displayed next?

It’s in the works but soon you’ll be able to check out my work out at: www.whereverigoshegoes.com. You can also find my work on my Instagram @whereverigoshegoes. My next piece will probably be at 416 Gallery‘s next group show.

Would you like to add anything else?

Be kind, don’t go over anybody, remember that what people say or do to you only says something about them and not you, know yourself, drink water and eat well!




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