Ackee & Saltfish: A Webseries You Should Watch

Ackee & Saltfish is a webseries written by Cecile Emeke, a talented director and writer who has worked with the Oval House Theatre and is a member of The National Theatre’s Young Studio. Ackee & Saltfish was initially released as a short film, which was screened in various locations in the UK. A film/series made by black women for black women, it features Michelle Tiwo and Vanessa Babirye as two best friends trying to navigate everyday life in an increasingly gentrified London.

Films/series like this are necessary and needed. Cecile Emeke greatly captures the lightheartedness of her characters, and opens up discussion about life as a black woman living in a divided society.
For more on the series, you can visit the website here. You can also view Cecile Emekes’ other films and shorts on her youtube channel.

Bri , Photographer, and Staff Writer for #Underground

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