Justin Bieber: The G.O.A.T.

Justin biebs ellen awks
Justin’s visibly awkward on his appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show

The biebs. You either love him, or you hate him. Or you claim you couldn’t care less. In reality, this guy has more of an impact on our lives than we give him credit for. Sorry Kim K., but it was Justin who broke the Internet last week for his apology via Facebook. He started by going on the Ellen show for what was his first televised appearance in more than a year, and, well, looked visibly awkward and uncomfortable. This is a couple weeks after the release of his Calvin Klein underwear ads. His humble behaviour on the show was strange coming from the guy who made headlines for peeing in a mop bucket last year. What changed? And more importantly, why do people care?

Justin Bieber is not just a singer, or just your average neighborhood d*****. He has talent: true, raw talent. I’m talking about a guy that not only has amazing vocal capacity, but that can also play the trumpet, guitar, piano, and knows his way with a drum set. He’s been talented ever since he was young. It’s not just that he’s good: it’s that he’s unique. Even in the covers he did before he was famous, he had a way of owning the music. He had his own sound. It was revolutionary. Whether you like him or not, you will recognize his sound.

Justin models for Calvin Klien underwear
Justin models for Calvin Klein underwear

But more than his actual talent, he is a bigger success because of social media. He made Youtube talent a thing.  He made tons of videos of covers before he was discovered through the internet. He didn’t go out and find fame, fame found him. This revealed not only his power, but the power of social media. People began to understand the true power of Youtube and the Internet as a whole. It was a new way to discover and to learn.

He also uses this social media to connect to his fans and followers. He was one of the first active celebrity Twitter accounts, and until this day remains connected in every social media way: including Snapchat, Facebook, Shots, etc. He is impossible to escape on social media: people follow him whether they like him or not. That is how you know someone has achieved true power and success.

Still, people wonder why he matters. He has made Youtube singers an invention, and often donates money to various charities around the world. He sings well, and has collaborated with huge artists such as Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Big Sean. The catch? He’s only 20 years old. His fame started when he was just 15. How many people can say they made millions by the time they were teenagers? Not me, that’s for sure, and that’s reason enough to give him some sort of respect.

But if that wasn’t enough, it’s not just that he made those millions, it’s that he made them without anything to begin with. He lived with his single mom, and was just an average kid from a divorced family in Stratford. He literally started from the bottom, and now he’s here.

Okay, so half of you hate him, and probably hate me for trying to prove he is the G.O.A.T. Sorry to tell you, but that continues to add to his success as well. The biebs responds to haters and so do his (sometimes crazy) fans. Moreover, a lot of the people that want to know what he’s up to are the haters. Hate on him for his past actions and “girly” voice not only add to conversation, but actually generate conversation about the Biebs.  He uses that hate to his advantage, and is now a hundred percent down to get roasted on Comedy Central. Sorry haters, but hate hype makes him invincible.

Justin Bieber is truly the G.O.A.T. At 20, he is sure as hell more successful than most of us ever will be. He missed his childhood in all his success, and therefore, acted out for the past year. His antics were ridiculous, but expected. What wasn’t expected was his quick recovery, and apology. People want to either love, or hate him because we see a little bit of ourselves in him. He is a singer, but still a young adult. He is rich and famous, but still prone to making mistakes because, well he’s still young… and Y.O.L.O. (I think that’s quite enough of the Drake references in this post…did I mention they were friends?). He is a cultural phenomenon. We either want to avoid him, or be him, or be a part of his world through social media. This guy has more followers than the population of Sweden. He matters whether we want him to or not. It’s his world, we just live in it.

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