Lazy Resumes for Adult-Type People

In a super romantic follow-up to Valentines day weekend, let’s talk about resumes.

A lot of us are in the ‘holy shit I need to get a real job and be an adult soon’ stage of our lives. Honestly, it sucks, BUT it can be slightly less sucky and a whole lot easier to get your foot in the door with

Hloom has compiled 279 resume templates to help you catch the eye of your potential employer.
The best part: they’re completely free.


Scroll through the different styles to find what fits best for you or to find some inspiration to make your own. The choices are separated into eight categories to make it easier for you to find something awesome; although I don’t recommend the facebook inspired layouts.
It looks kind of…stupid.

Anyways, good luck being an adult and stuff, I’ll be here day drinking and eating KD in my underwear because I’m a lady.


Written by NicoleV

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