Innovative AESTHETICS…

Nature holds the keys to our aesthetic, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction.” – E.O. Wilson (American Scientist)


We are all host to our own aesthetic, but the NIORE collection is just another perspective. Many say the shade BLACK affects us physically as humans by evoking a sense of potential and possibility. That makes it no wonder how black mysteriously meshes well with anything. So I decided to curate a one day showroom to depict diverse elements to this shade.

Collection NIORE captivates the elements of design, texture, and androgyny and is an all black collection consisting of one of a kind thrifted and imported Korean pieces, ranging from accessories to apparel, as well as showcases hand-made interior with the added creations of other artists.

NIORE Collection, Model Danïka Kinear
Jewelry by Melissa Acuña
Jewelry by Melissa Acuña , Model : Jaden Alexander Reynolds

ART… will be exhibited by local artist Gillian Yan-Wen Chang

JEWELRY: Hand made by Melissa Acuña

CUT&SEWN: Accessories by ISARIA.

DARK COFFEE and Refreshments will be provided by Organo Gold.

Experience this on Friday, March, 6th 2015 3pm-8pm

Artscape Youngplace, Studio 107,

180 Shaw Street Toronto, ON M6J 2W5
For more details contact via email at

Follow AAESTHETIC’s  @aesthetics.showroom

Post By: Sydne B. Wright

Photo Credit : Maida Ghide

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