Get to know the artists from the upcoming [UNBOUND] art show!

Shooter: Jonathan McPhail
Shooter: Jonathan McPhail

To answer your question, YES, you’ve most likely seen this artist zooming past you on his skateboard or selling his art in the market. He is always out and about! Based in Toronto, but bringing us original vibes from Chile, Malcolm is the type of artist that is so completely into what he is doing that it makes up every cell in his body and comes out in every word that he speaks. He is passionate about expressing himself and the messages in his work. Although he is a ball of positive energy, Malcolm portrays underlying struggles in his work that discusses topics such as corruption in society, and trying to find himself within that corruption. What may seem like a ton of bright colourful paintings may soon surprise you. Take a look into the mind of Malcolm Yarde:


What type of work do you create as an artist? (Mediums, styles…)

I create life tools. I guess I create artifacts… and universal messages. I’m trying to wrap up jewelry, clothes and music expression into one. I use words, sound, power, and presence to create my work.


What was the main thing that you had to go through to get you to where you are at now as an artist?

Can I say that I’m still going through it? I’m trying to figure out what “myself” is right now, and what the full expression of my art is. I know that my art exists for me to look at every day so that I can feel that stuff out. So yes, my art is for everyone to enjoy, but also for me to learn and grow.


What is the main thing that you try to achieve with your work?

I try to achieve life tools – the keys to awaken and create awareness of a level of consciousness that knows about what is happening. And I shouldn’t have to describe WHAT IS HAPPENING. I simply create keys to unlock the awakening and the consciousness of what is happening.


What does being ‘unbound as an artist’ mean to you?

Unbound to me seems very, like, wow… what if I said that… Unbound is… If we let ourselves be unbound… I might go crazy. I can’t answer questions like that, I’m too much haha!

When I think of being unbound I think of shackles being broken, being free, and going into the Vatican tomorrow and taking back what my ancestors had. All of these paintings… I’m not trying to sell this for money, I’m trying to sell the messages. Because Babylon is just going to try and take it and make it something that it’s not.

There was once this fancy lady who wanted to buy my work for a good amount of money. She came to pick it up, and as she gave me the money she asked me why I had written “melanin” at the bottom near my signature, as if she didn’t approve and didn’t notice before. So this is what I did – I took my brush and wrote “I’m sorry” next to the word, gave her back her money, and asked her to leave. (He kept the painting.)


Where can we find your work online?

http://malcolmyarde.com/ and connect with me on my Instagram @stay_relevant .


Would you like to add anything else?

Im here and I’m just trying to know what it means for us to be here. Right now, to take this “being” for whatever it is, we need an unapologetic demeanour to what we know is not right. In this time, we need to analyze being awake and being conscious and how it applies to “being” in different parts of the world. Being able to go out and come back to where you came from. Because the adaptation of knowledge from other places is the only way of growth that’s left. We can’t just go to school, and work, and slap on a suit and tie and call that success – what is that? We each need to find our own true calling. It’s not for the money. For me, I want to do art. Everybody needs to find that thing for themselves. And the majesty told me that I have the power to go anywhere and establish foundation. I’ve been sent here to do this, to be.

We are weapons of mass reconstruction.

Give thanks rastafari.




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