[UNBOUND] Artist Profile: GASR

Get to know the artists from the upcoming [UNBOUND] art show!

If you spend any time paying attention to graffiti around the city, it’s impossible to miss GASR’s distinct letters. They really stand out amongst the others, even as a younger writer. Representing the Ojibwe community, we present to you one of Toronto’s coolest writers; GASR.


What type of work do you create as an artist? (Mediums, styles…)

A mixture or graff with traditional woodland style and traditional aboriginal Ojibwe art.


What was the main thing that you had to go through to get you to where you are at now as an artist?

Sacrifice. Pain. Suffering. Loss of friendships. Relationships. People not trusting me ’cause I’m a criminal by nature… unintentionally. If that makes sense. Trying to come to terms with growing up. Being a graffiti artist will give you a really conflicted view of yourself – it makes u into another fucking person. Sometimes I honestly feel like I’m fronting.


What is the main thing that you try to achieve with your work?

I try to draw attention from the general public and hopefully that will lead to awareness of the message – whatever it may be at that time.


What does being ‘unbound as an artist’ mean to you?

GRAFFITI. That’s it.



Where can we find your work online, and where can we see your work displayed next?

My Instagram @wisdomcrusade and the streets.

Would you like to add anything else?

Here is an excerpt from my favourite book called “The Art of Dreaming” by Carlos Castaneda.

“To fend off my worries, I began to look around. If this was a dream as I believed it was, there was a way to prove or disprove it. I pointed my finger at the houses, at the church, at the pavement in the street. I pointed at people. I pointed at everything. Daringly, I even grabbed a couple of people, who I seemed to scare considerably. I felt their mass. They were as real as anything I consider real, except that they did not generate energy. Nothing in that city generated energy. Everything seemed real and normal, yet it was a dream.”


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