Homeless Man Killed By LA Police Department

As I was scrolling through Facebook last night, the video of a homeless man getting shot and killed by the Los Angeles Police Department popped into my newsfeed. My first initial thought was, “Really, again?” but then I thought about how sad it was that this was my first thought. Why does this have to be yet another instance of police brutality? Why are helpless people being killed by those in uniform who are supposed to “serve and protect?” Who is going to protect us from them?

According to reports, the homeless man was reaching for one of their guns, hence he was shot five times in retaliation. My question is, why couldn’t the six cops on top of the man restrain him without resorting to using their guns? He was tasered before being shot, so I find it hard to believe that he was a major threat to them as his body was convulsing on the ground. I strongly believe these cops need cameras attached to them. Either these types of cases just seem to be happening more often, or we just have more evidence due to the extensive use of our smartphones.

How can we stop the brutality? In the future, will there be an ‘us vs. them’ mentality?

Here is the video of the fatal shooting:

Ana Sky, Contributor

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