Casey Legler: The Worlds First Female Male Model














Meet Casey Legler, a former Olympic swimmer who was the first woman to become a male model. Confused? Signed to Ford Models Men, Casey Leglers’ modelling career wasn’t something she sought out to do. Her friend and photographer, Cass Bird invited her out to a photoshoot one day (aptly named Out with the Boys) which consisted of only female models. From there, the rest was history.


Out with the Boys by Cass Bird



Out with the Boys by Cass Bird


As a queer activist and model, she not only breathes a fresh air into the industry, but she makes it okay for other queer people to exist, especially in the realm of fashion and entertainment. Since being dubbed a male model, many other queer, trans, and androgynous models have been taking over. Elliot Sailors, Erika Linder, Ruby Rose, and Andreja Pejic are just some of many making waves in the industry.

Ruby Rose is now even starring in the next season of Orange is the New Black.

Check out Leglers interview below with ABC news about her career and what it means to be a female male model.


Bri , Photographer, and Staff Writer for #Underground

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