A Letter to 16 Year Old Me

Hey girl,

How you doing? Congratulations on making it to sixteen years in this world because many people did not get the opportunity to make it that far. 
How’s life without braces? It was a long three years, but we made it Through The Wire. You may not get this reference at the moment, but I can guarentee you that you will have every Kanye album on your computer in a few years. I know right, who would’ve thought? He will also change his name to Yeezus and marry Kim Kardashian. You probably don’t know who that is yet, but I’m sad to say her whole family will take over the media. Enjoy the Kardashian-free life while you can. 
Anyway, you may not know what you want to do with your life right now, but I promise you at 21, everything will become crystal clear. You are going to find this drive, ambition, and confidence that you did not even know you could possess. You’ll break hearts, have your heart broken, and at some points become so numb that you don’t feel anything.
You’ll become a stoner soon. I know right? A full on stoner with multiple bongs. It’ll be a short stint. You know we never stick to anything for too long. There will be many dark moments, like a year full of them. Don’t be afraid of it because it’ll make you so much stronger. You’ll also go away to university and meet awesome people who will help you grow so much as a person. Once you find your calling and go back home, you’ll go to college and love school for once in your life. Yes girl, love school! It’s a foreign concept to us, but it’ll happen. 
The best advice I can give to you, my younger foolish self, don’t be afraid to love. Don’t be afraid to commit to something. Once you start running, don’t stop until you can’t feel your legs anymore. Be confused, be anxious, cry sometimes. Be an emotional wreck once in awhile. At the end of the day, just remember you have the ability to achieve your dreams. You just have to believe. 
Yours truly

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