Kehinde Wiley: Blending the Past and the Present



37-year old Kehinde Wiley is mostly known for his paintings that depict young black men and the black experience, sometimes juxtaposing hip-hop culture alongside bright, vibrant backgrounds. Wiley is not afraid to paint black men and black women as royalty. Paintings such as these are very necessary since the image of a black man is a stereotypical one– a thug, a troublemaker…. the unfortunate list goes on.


I know how young black men are seen.They’re boys, scared little boys oftentimes. I was one of them. I was completely afraid of the Los Angeles Police Department.

– Kehinde Wiley



kwiley1 kwiley3

Does his work seem vaguely familiar to you? That’s probably because he’s been everywhere, from his work being on the breakout show Empire, to being in the Brooklyn Museum to museums in Seattle. He has also received the Medal of Arts from the State Department in Washington.

To view his extensive work and to keep updated, you can view his website here.

Bri , Photographer, and Staff Writer for #Underground

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