comScore Says Canadian Internet Use Is The Highest In The World

According to a recent study by comScore, Canadians are spending the most time on the internet in the world! The study tracked Canadians’ web savvy trend in 2014 when comScore announced that smartphones were the device that Canadians were using to access the web the most.

laptop 2Referencing the metrics of comScore Canada, Canadians visit an average of 80 sites and spend around 36.3 hours online every month. The recent hike in internet use is due to video streaming, which climbed this past year.

Canadians have always been in the top tier for internet use in the world, but it’s only until now since the Canucks have taken back their crown. Canadians have been topping 36.3 hours every month on the net versus our fellow Americans, who spend 35.2 hours, Italians with 33.5 hours, and Britons with 33 hours.

comScore reports that what keeps Canadians on top is that they hang out just a little longer than their competitors on the net. Canadians are flicking through over 3,000 pages a month!

I myself am Canadian, so I am proud that we are contributing to the lovely web 2.0 in an engaging way.

Maybe we’re internet addicts, or maybe we’re classically too nice to neglect that hyper link. Who knows? I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next comScore study.


Words By: John “Just John” Samuels
Photos By: Andrew Davy Photography

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