Escape the City

Toronto is a great city to live in, but sometimes you just need to escape the traffic and the noise. Not all of us can afford five star vacations or are able to drive off into the sunset though, but the Wide Path Camper seems to be the solution.

The WPC is a foldable, portable camper that can easily be towed behind a bike or motorcycle. All you need to do is hitch it up and be on your way.
With long distance bike trips becoming more popular now, the WPC will definitely be a popular option for those who don’t like to carry their tent and equipment on their backs.


The unit has windows, a bed, 300L of storage space, and a sitting area for 2 people. In addition to an optional table on the outside for cooking and eating, the designers say they have even more features in mind including sun-covers, solar cells, and more. All this is packed into a foldable unit that can extend into its full size in minutes that weighs only 88 lbs

These micro-campers will be in production by June of this year for anyone interested, and can be pre-ordered online.

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