Luda drops new video ‘Beast Mode’ which features a whole bunch of Beast Mode

…But not in the way you might think. On seeing the title, I figured it’d be a Busta-esque, machine-gun rap type track. Turns out, Beast Mode is actually classic Ludacris – he lays on the bravado thick over a tight mid tempo beat spitting verses chock full of punchlines like: “You niggaz think you hard I think you better come harder/I leave rappers confused like barber.” As for the video itself, the intro is pretty jokes; Luda re-enacts Marshawn ‘Beast Mode’ Lynch’s infamous press conferences at which he refused to answer the media’s questions, either replying “yeah” throughout, or straight up saying “I’m only here so I don’t get fined.” Out of nowhere, the pro football player shows up – then there’s a lot of shaky camera footage of Ludacris going hard and Lynch being a really, really big dude. And for some reason, it works.


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