Natural High: Stoned Yoga Classes in Toronto

Stoners rejoice!!

There is now an open and safe environment to practice yoga while stoned in Toronto. Rather than having to smoke first and worry about being judged by fellow yoga enthusiasts, the city now has a weed friendly yoga class. Ganja Yoga, located inside High Times Cafe on Bloor St., begins each class with a good old fashioned vape session. For those unfamiliar with the term, vape refers to vaporizers which is known to be the healthier alternative to getting high. Rather than burning the marijuana to activate the THC, vaporizers heat the weed to activate it, leaving behind many harmful carcinogens inhaled through joints, bongs, or pipes. However, all participants must supply their own weed, which is shared in a community bowl and passed around the circle. Each 90 minute class can accommodate 20 people and will run you 20 dollars, although the avid stoner yogi can take advantage of their 4 for $40 deal. Although I do not practice yoga, but this may just be the little push of motivation that I need. Lets hope the teacher doesn’t get too stoned, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem anyway.
Glenn Pritchard, Staff Photographer and Writer for Power and Politics

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