Baltimore Protests in Photos

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Since the death of Freddie Gray by the hands of Baltimore Police (which was ruled a homicide yesterday), residents of the city have been protesting the unjust circumstances of Freddie’s death and the deaths of many other black people due to oppression and systematic racism.

The images that have been circulating various media outlets have been negative, as well as most of the coverage and interviews. Burning cars, and dubbing protesters as “thugs” and “looters” have seemingly been on infinite loop since Freddie Grays funeral. News of the Bloods and Crips unifying sent the media and police department in a frenzy to further demonize people. Painting the people of Baltimore as criminals and highlighting the negative aspects of whats going on there has been effectively covering up the fact that over 300 black people have been killed just this year in the U.S alone by police.

People have been focusing on the rioting and the damage to businesses and properties, instead of focusing on the real issue: the loss of black lives and the lack of justice.  When did buildings become more important than a human life? When did it become so easy to get away with murder?

All images by kostennn

***There will be a protest today in front of Toronto Police headquarters to stand in solidarity of Baltimore***

Bri , Photographer, and Staff Writer for #Underground


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