This Week Potholes Got Fixed Up… With Dicks

Ever get bummed over that pothole on your street that never gets fixed? Well, maybe you should try fixing it up with a dick like Wanksy does in England.


That’s right – you can fix things by making them hilariously obvious. Your city will respond. Besides – what fills holes better?

Or at least that’s the attention Wanksy got in his hometown of Ramsbottom.

“Who needs canvas with roads like these.”

And it works. When he sprays the penis drawings around the potholes, staff have responded and filled them within 48 hours almost each time!

In the era of technology, there’s an app for notifying your city of things like potholes, but Wanksy gets a kick out of doing it his own way, and while doing it, makes us all smile, especially since the apps can be unreliable.


There has been some controversy over the offensiveness of the drawings, and whether they are suitable for children to see. But Wanksy thinks that kids are old enough to know what it is, and that driving or biking over a pothole is more offensive.

As for the vandalism aspect of it – it’s not graffiti, and it’s not permanent paint. His intention is truly to highlight the hole so that it gets filled. Genius!

Wanksy claims to be an artist on the regular outside or his penis-doodling shenanigans. But as he said in an interview, “sometimes the simplest things are the best.”

How would you get the holes filled?

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