Telekinesis Comes to Life

telekinesis3This tiny adhesive could be the key to unlocking telekinesis.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and no, we won’t be able to lift up objects and send them flying across the room. BUT designs surrounding this little guy are in the works so that we can one day control our electronic devices with our minds.
Maybe not as cool as comic book telekinesis, but it’s pretty damn useful.

With this device, all the user has to do is adhere it to their skin (behind the ear is the preference) and replace it about every two weeks. It can be worn throughout every day activities and only needs replacement when the adhesive starts to wear off.

While users are wearing it, the device gathers info about your brain and monitors voltage functions and ionic currents from the brains neurons – signals your brain sends through your body. Although this technology is nothing new, the previous attempts have been difficult to maintain control over since they required headsets and little to no movement on the user’s part.

Originally, researchers meant for the device to be used for health reasons – detecting seizures early on and such, but with it’s discreet application and accessibility, they are considering broadening the range of use.

Tests already conducted for the device show that while monitoring the brain, it can adapt to the brain’s activity to operate surrounding technology.

What do you think, a science-fiction fantasy or totally practical new advancement?

One thought

  1. Every student Ive worked with has accomplished the impossible.
    Well, Aleister Crowley obtained a book called “The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. All normal hits to an enemy with Death Hex become critical hits.

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