Dark Cyanide

18 year old urban explorer Dark Cyanide takes on New York City, from the tallest skyscrapers to the empty underground.

In an interview with The Plaid Zebra, he discusses what being a self-titled Urban Historian means to him.

The concept of an urban historian is to explore areas that once were. Locate hidden places that the city has either locked away from people to see or visit. Pretty much to relive the past in person there. Finding such places requires lots of research and mapping because the areas have changed since when they were documented.


At first your heart is beating so quick and you are incredibly shaky. Then you can slowly feel yourself settling in. I usually kick my feet back and forth to keep myself calm.


It’s important to document all the unseen spaces of the city because one day the photos and evidence of it being there will be worth something. Cities are always changing and destroying old spaces for new modern things. It’s better to go document and relive the past while you can before it’s gone.

Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset

Urban exploring is an important part of documenting the constant evolution of our cities, but don’t be stupid about it.

Advice given in his interview for other urban explorers is to be smart, don’t get caught, and most importantly stay safe at all times and know your limits.


See more of his work here or follow him on Instagram @Dark.Cyanide

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