Stolen Instagram Photos go for 100K in NYC

Notorious ‘artist’ and all around shitty guy, Richard Prince has done it again. He has a knack for appropriating other people’s work as his own and this time around he’s taken screen shots of other people’s Instagram photos and Jayden Smith’d the comments section to ‘make it his own’.

Instagram user @doedeere was one of the ones to have her photo appropriated and sold (for 90-fucking-thousand dollars).


You may be shocked to see that she won’t be pursuing any legal action, but if anyone decides to take him to court, the law is on his side. All the images he’s used have been under fair use law, something that is made very clear in the terms of use agreement you accept when you download the app (also on pretty much every other social media site). But let’s be real, nobody reads that.

If you don’t want your work stolen, watermark your shit everywhere except your personal site and maybe you’ll be safe from this douche.

One thought

  1. I don’t know that the law is on his side, he takes the photos and then alters them, according to their rules you still own the copyright of the image, and, here at least, the copyright states that a person can alter or do anything to your images without your permission.
    I think the gallery that encourages an artist to do this sort of thing is guilty as well. All bastards, all the way around really. Glad I only put crappy phone images up on Instagram.

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