LADIES: Your period just got better.

Being a lady is hard enough… it’s the old cry. Cramps, pregnancy, PMS; it appears the gods have been listening and are trying to make things a little smoother for us. If you weren’t aware, there was an online petition signed by nearly 75,000 people in regards to “tampon tax,” and we have updates.

Effective July 1st, the federal government has planned to remove the tax on tampons and other feminine hygiene products!

The NDP introduced this motion with acceptance and support from the Conservative government, which I think is super cute and wonderful. Since the GST (tax) is used for the purpose of “luxury” items, it’s about time they passed this Act since tampons and pads are obviously essential to all women of reproductive age!!

Photo courtesy of, Petra Collins & Alice Lancaster
Photo courtesy of, Petra Collins & Alice Lancaster

I think we should throw a period party; equipped with piñatas that are stuffed with the most colourful feminine hygiene products our taxless dollars can buy. Would you come??

Ladies, let us know how you’re taking this exciting news. Comment below!

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One thought

  1. I would be there in a second! Having to pay taxes is not fair at all! Sharing this with everyone:) love youuuu!

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