Illustrator Adam Kurtz took some time out of his schedule to take a satirical look at some of the brands we know, love, and kinda hate. Adweek spoke to him about this mini-project.

Brands are constantly masquerading as friends on our personal feeds, on Twitter and Instagram, with bright and shiny photos and copy. But let’s be honest, our feeds aren’t all happy. People are always complaining, putting negative energy out (especially in a humorous way, like @sosadtoday, one of my Twitter favorites). I thought it would be funny to throw some sad brands into the mix. After all, honesty is about a full range of emotion.

It started with a teen angst take on the Nike logo, and then I opened it up to requests.





I imagine it was a joke, but did Starbucks actually send you a cease and desist?
Ha ha, no! I cranked all of these out in 20 minutes before heading to a meeting, and I just didn’t feel like drawing that mermaid. In general, they seem very in control of their brand and they’re all over social. A whole bunch of my friends have recently been hired to do content for Frappucino. I thought I’d just lay off. Same with Penguin, who are my publisher.I thought I’d spare my editor, who follows me.

kurtz_pbr kurtz_nike

Personally, I would buy the shit out of a Nike “Just Do Not” T-shirt. If anyone from Wieden + Kennedy is reading this, you know where to find me.

kurtz_lush kurtz_ikea

I think there are awesome and hilarious things that advertising can do for people. It’s incredible when you can take a brand’s money and reach and turn it into an overwhelmingly positive experience while still accomplishing marketing goals. Really innovative brand activations and clever social interaction is my favorite. Keep things honest and remind people that behind even the largest brands are some genuine, human people.

kurtz_chipotle kurtz_bacardi

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