[UNFOLD] Artist Profile: MAYA FUHR

Get ready for an artist with a ‘look’. Maya Fuhr’s photos will stay with you and will forever remain recognizable. The color schemes and looks in her subject’s eyes are seductively and oddly satisfying. Getting picked up by big ticket press such as Vice, Elle, Noisey, Nylon, Adidas, MTV and more, you’ve probably seen her work without even realizing it. Check out this talented Toronto-based film photographer…


Self Portrait (Maya Fuhr)

What is your weapon of choice?

My name is Maya and i’m an artist based in Toronto.  For the most part i’m shooting with a Pentax k1000 or a Hasselblad c500.

How do you use photography in your life? 
I use photography to enable myself to feel complete and utterly present and productive.  I like to document the small beautiful details of my friends and the world around me.  I’m obsessed with matching colour spectrums in clothing and androgyny  which you’ll see in my portraits and fashion work.
 How would you describe your style of photography, and how does that help you achieve your end product goal?
My style of photography is unconventional, and undefinable at times because I really shoot an array of themes. I exclusively shoot film which can be seen as stylized photography for sure.  Film makes me picky & meditative over my subjects- so emotions come through as genuine (being my overall goal).  I’m achieving my personal opinion of perfection.
What is your biggest challenge in photography?
Probably the challenge of being satisfied by life without my camera.
 Who or what influences you the most as a photographer?
Traveling influences me a lot.  I like the concept of seeing new things that I may never see again- I get excited by that fleeting feeling.
2 (1)
 What does vulnerability mean to you as an artist?
I feel most vulnerable after my work is finished.  For example, if I take someone’s portrait and truly connect with them- it’s sometimes hard to let that feeling go.  I have to really come to terms with the highs and lows of being immensely present and creative and the aftermath of “what’s next?”
Where can we find your work online, and where can we see your work displayed next?

You’ll see my work presented live @ Bestival Music Festival in Toronto next weekend along side my work in a mobile music video launching there.  Also, the next issue of Cake Magazine, Dissent Magazine and The Art Book Review.


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