Texas Cop Draws Gun and Throws Down Teenage Girl To End Pool Party | Police Brutality?

Too many teenagers, neighbours getting  mad, cop pulls out gun and man handles a teenage girl…Wait What!? A Texas cop has been placed on administrative leave after footage of the incindent surfaced the web.

The footage shown was recorded by YouTube user identified as Brandon Brooks who posted the video of the event. In the footage shown the officer  is apart of the McKinney Police Department who struggles to keep control of the situation yelling at the teenagers and handcuffing them.  Sources claim that neighbours called the police with complaints about teenagers using a pool in a McKinney suburb without permission. The footage also shows a lot of people standing around watching to see what would happen next which I’m sure didn’t help the following events.

Watch the video above. Let us know what you think? Did the Texas cop go out of line to control the situation? Was all that yelling and forcefulness appropriate to break up a pool party?

– O.L

3 thoughts

  1. He was very out of line. I understand the need to contain the situation but he only escalated it. While she may have been talking back, that young lady did not deserve to be pulled to the ground, dragged, sat upon and have her face pushed in the dirt. I cannot believe the adults stood around and did nothing. But they put him on administrative lead…that’ll teach him.

  2. Can someone explain to me why he needed to literally sit on the girl?! This is why police cams are a must.

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