[UNFOLD] Artist Profile: SIGMA FOXX

Sigma Foxx has a touch with the oddities in his photography. There is often some subject in his images that will make you tilt your head slightly sideways in an attempt to understand what is going on… in a good way. He creates surreal scenes and worlds that seem familiar yet foreign to ours. His self-portraits leave you wondering how crazy he might be, yet endlessly satisfied with the craziness. Dive into the world of this young and talented GTA-based photographer…


Self Portrait

Introduce yourself. What is your weapon of choice?

My name is Sigma Foxx (Ayotunde Alade) and I am a Canadian (Pickering/ Toronto) creative artist and photographer who strives to be what other photographers are not. I spend a lot of my time thinking of different concepts for my photography. Everyday, I try to grow as a photographer as I would like to be among one of the greatest in the world. My favorite weapons of choice are my Nikon D5100 and my phone camera ( HTC One (M7). 
FB_IMG_1433764344804 How do you use photography in your life? 
For me, photography is a hobby, a job, and a lifestyle. This is what I breathe, how I see, and how I express.
sigmafoxx_interview(4)How would you describe your style of photography, and how does that help you achieve your end product goal?
My style of photography is a mixture of reality, color, imagination, feeling, darkness, happiness, and surrealism. These ingredients help me achieve my end product goal because they are now templates to me, and all I have to do is match them with the theme of the photograph.
FB_IMG_1433764483525 What is your biggest challenge in photography?
My biggest challenge in photography was finding a unique style that I could call my own.
sigmafoxx_interview (2)Who or what influences you the most as a photographer?
A lot of things influence me. I am influenced by my hard working mother, my brother (mentor), my hard working friends, Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Terry Richardson, Annie Leibovitz, Alfred Hitchcock, Mike Tyson, Marisa Mack (friend), Michael Jackson, Superman, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, and God’s art (the world).
FB_IMG_1433764409055What does vulnerability mean to you as an artist?
To me as an artist, vulnerability means to not know. When you do not have knowledge of something, you do not know what to expect, how it will hurt you, and if you can handle it, but it is not entirely bad.  In order to learn and grow, you must be vulnerable, and it is your choice to learn from it or let it eat you alive.

=Where can we find your work online?

My work can be found on my website at  sigmafoxx.com, and I also have an instagram: @sigmafoxx.

Would you like to add anything else?
A lot of the quotes we call “cliches” are cliches for a reason. They have been said over and over for years. They are the kingpins of advice.  Also, if you have a flaw or multiple flaws, don’t be embarrassed to admit it and improve from it. At the end of the day, nobody is perfect, and once you’re brave enough to acknowledge and fix these flaws, you will start to love yourself more, and become secure less vulnerable to that flaw.


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