The best way to describe the young, hip, and up-and-coming Toronto photographer Brianna Roye? That’s a tough one. But I like to say that, although she might be a quiet one on the outside, she’s a loud one in her photographs. In the simplest, yet well thought-out ways, Brianna captures the very essence of the theme and/or the person she is photographing. With a combination of satisfyingly clean minimalism, sick backdrops, and stylish subjects, she will leave you wanting more and more. Do not look over this chick!

briannaroye_selfportraitSelf Portrait

Introduce yourself. What is your weapon of choice?

I’m Brianna Roye, and I shoot things. And stuff. And people. I use my camera (D610) and my phone.
briannaroye_interview(2)How do you use photography in your life? 
Photography is my form of therapy, it’s an outlet for me. I like to capture people and moments, little frames and stills to look back on.
How would you describe your style of photography, and how does that help you achieve your end product goal?
I’m not sure if I have a distinct style yet, all I can say is that it’s me. I typically shoot portraits, so developing some kind of connection with the subject is important.
briannaroye_interview(4)What is your biggest challenge in photography?
Being able to look back at my work and be satisfied. I find that I’m never completely happy with my shots once I look back at them, but I think that’s a part of growth.
Who or what influences you the most as a photographer?
All of the amazing photographers and artists I follow (lurk) via various platforms. This city. Music. And the people I’ve yet to meet.
What does vulnerability mean to you as an artist?
Vulnerability to me is strength. Allowing yourself to be open to the known and unknown is something most shy away from, but it can definitely lead to new, wonderful things.
briannaroye_interview(3) Where can we find your work online, and where can we see your work displayed next?

You can find my work at briannaroye.com or on my tumblr, briannaroye.tumblr.com

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