Johnny Darko Goes to Brooklyn to Film Smoke.Drink.Live X P.B.R Video

Johnny Darko shares a two part video for “Smoke.Drink.Live” and “P.B.R.” during his time in the Bronx. The visual serves to be a casual out on the town look into what the 1 Stone Ent. crew do while  they’re  in New York, which obviously includes getting high and thrifting.

The visuals mesh from clip to clip to help display the narrative of Johnny’s lifestyle and the two records blend nicely together to showcase Johnny’s versatility. Makes sense why the two video’s were shared together, watching it made me feel almost like  like I started the day getting high during “Smoke.Drink.Live.” by the time “P.B.R” comes in it starts to feel as if I was coming down and burning out by the time it’s over.

See the full video for “Smoke.Drink.Live” and “P.B.R”  below.

Photo Credit: Diana Burton
– O.L


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