[UNFOLD] Artist Profile: WILL GAYDOS

Will Gaydos is the type of photographer with a lot of tricks up his sleeve and in his bag. If you knew him, you’d know what I mean. His film aesthetic captures things and things happening around the city in a comfortably raw way. Sometimes, just seeing the simplicity of what’s going on in his photos will really remind you of home in Toronto. Cozy up and feel the streetcar rolling past while reading our interview with Toronto’s own Will Gaydos…

Self Portrait Levack Broken WindowSelf Portrait

Introduce yourself. What is your weapon of choice?

My name is Will Gaydos and I’m a photographer and artist from Toronto. My go-to camera is my Fujifilm GA645Zi but right now I’m also using an Olympus Stylus Epic DLX as my walk-around. Anything that shoots film is good in my books, though.

How do you use photography in your life? 
Right now photography is a hobby verging on a job, verging on something else for me. Essentially it’s a creative outlet and one of the ways I stay sane.
Self Portrait Levack Broken Window Stacked WEBHow would you describe your style of photography, and how does that help you achieve your end product goal?

I shoot just for the fun of capturing my version of what living in the city looks like. All the different interactions – between people, and people and the urban environment – that you just kind of stumble upon as you live your own life. I also like to do some more manufactured stuff, focusing on particular people, places, or things, and trying to highlight what makes them interesting. Regardless of what I’m shooting, colour is always a key component – how different colours communicate with one another, how they emphasize certain parts of the image. I also pay close attention to my framing and try to shoot with what I think are interesting angles. To me the goal is to create an interesting image, even if that’s just in terms of pure aesthetics. I don’t really aim for any kind of broader message, to be honest.

What is your biggest challenge in photography?

My biggest challenge would have to be maintaining a productive mindset. I can be kind of self-defeating sometimes and when it seems like my photography isn’t progressing the way I’d like it to (professionally, stylistically, etc.) I can get kind of down on myself. It gets easier to avoid that mentality and stay on track when I make the conscious effort to push harder for where I want my photography to be, so I’ve been trying to do at least a little something to work on it every chance I get. Whether it’s submitting work to exhibits, organising scans, or just posting stuff to Tumblr or Instagram, any little effort helps.

Who or what influences you the most as a photographer?

In all honesty, and as cliché as it is, the city itself is my biggest inspiration. As an example, I have a pretty great view of the city from my apartment, and even though it doesn’t change too much aside from the occasional sunrise or sunset of particularly note, I never get bored of it. I’ve shot the city from my window probably a hundred times and will probably shoot another couple hundred before it’s time for a new place. On a more micro level there’s also Toronto’s ever-changing street scenes, graffiti, and architecture to witness and capture.

If I was to name a person that influences my work it would have to be William Eggleston. His night scenes, how he captures colour, and his use of found text are all pretty fantastic.

What does vulnerability mean to you as an artist?

To me vulnerability means to be exposed, voluntarily or otherwise. As an artist that can refer to the process of exposing yourself and your work to the criticism and judgments of others. But your own vulnerability is very ego-driven, and to an extent I don’t think that’s very relevant to the experience of viewing your work. I think it’s more interesting to think of it in terms of capturing the vulnerability of your subject. That kind of vulnerability is by far more relatable to your audience.

Teaser PhotoWhere can we find your work online, and where can we see your work displayed next?

I’m still working on a legit website but I have a lot of stuff up on ragewilliams.tumblr.com and I’m on Instagram using the Interweb handle tag @ragewilliams. I’ll also have a photo in the John B. Aird Gallery’s 30 Under 30 exhibit running from June 30th to July 24th, 2015.

Would you like to add anything else?

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