Listen to Avah Coco’s Debut Album “Living”

It was just over a year ago when Omit Limitation staff first heard about Avah Coco. Avah Coco commanded the stage for our open mic with the confidence of a model and a look we’ve never seen before. Wearing a visor comparable to the cyclops from the X-Men, Coco was turning heads before she opened her mouth. As soon as Coco began to sing she captivated the crowd with her vocal range and jazz/electronic sounds.

Now, after a lengthy wait the Toronto-based singer/producer has finally released her debut album titled “Living”. The 7-song project – written and produced entirely by Avah Coco – consists of a wide range of genres like funk, jazz, disco, and trap wrapped in an experimental, sensual, electronic blanket. You can expect sonic versatility with upbeat tracks like “PSYCHOnarcoTIC” and “PINKLUST”, and chilled out gems like “Room For Love” and “Sinking Stone”. Her influences can be felt right through the album – from Amy Winehouse’s powerful contralto vocals, to the explosive EDM production reminiscent of Porter Robinson and Madeon, and funky riffs that bring Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson to mind. “Living” is available on Soundcloud  and Bandcamp for streaming and download.

Stream the whole “Living” project below, you know we are!

– O.L

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