Listen To Rashid St. James Debut Project “The Nightmare In The Afterhour”

After four years in the making Rashid St. James shares his debut project, “The Nightmare In The Afterhour” to the world. In a recent interview Rashid described the body of work to serve as a direct narrative of his lifestyle.

“The Nightmare In The  Afterhour is a lyrical documentation of the last 4 years of my life— partying and surviving in downtown Toronto while also observing. I create through experience, and my own personal poetic interpretation of how I see the world. Everything that you will hear and the feelings you will experience while listening to NITA is a Toronto night in it’s rawest form. And, it’s all fueled by whatever drug I was on at the time.” – Rashid St. James


Some stand out records for me would be “We Like To Party” and “Hallelujah.” Let us know what you think about the full project. Stream Rashid St. James “The Nightmare In The Afterhour” below.

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