[UNFOLD] Artist Profile: CLAIRE LEE

Claire Lee is that friend you wish you had. She is the type of chick that’s always up to no good, but in all the best ways. She is the type of girl who knows how to have fun, but also knows how to get down to business. And her focus and eye for photography allows her to capture her own, unique shots. Claire does not aspire to the typical. Get lost in the world of Claire Lee *meow*.

photoIntroduce yourself. What is your weapon of choice?

내 이름은 이은미 입니다. Canon 60D. 
tumblr_nca86si4Jj1sh592jo1_1280 How do you use photography in your life? 

Photography is a tool I use communicate with my surroundings, I use it to to open doors for new adventures and opportunities for discovery. I find beauty in things you don’t see often and aim to capture stories.

Photography is lifestyle, and for me it’s 50% work and 50% passion. I’m always pushing myself to become a better professional for my clients, but at the same time make room for personal projects.

unnamedHow would you describe your style of photography, and how does that help you achieve your end product goal?

 I don’t have 1 style of photography because I am always changing.
rebel man What is your biggest challenge in photography?

The equipment can be expensive, and the business is all about connections.

One must invest in the things they love.

Who or what influences you the most as a photographer?
Going on adventures, having no restrictions to where you can travel and live your life but still having a place you can call home. Going on road trips, painting, touching things, hearing new sounds, seeing new sights and stimulating my senses. Balance.
tumblr_nhpv8e1Ucm1sh592jo1_1280 copy What does vulnerability mean to you as an artist?
I think we are on this earth to connect with people because it gives us purpose and meaning to life. Vulnerability is the process for that connection to happen. You need to expose the many layers of yourself and be seen.
2 (1 of 1) copy Where can we find your work online, and where can we see your work displayed next?

Find me.

Would you like to add anything else?
Be awesome.



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