Meet the Devious Gerrard Miller | an Editorial by Glenn Pritchard

If you are at all familiar with Toronto rapper Gerrard Miller (formerly known as GMILLA), then you know he brings a dark and surreal, yet unique and intelligent aesthetic to both his music and public persona. In light of his recent name change, Omit Limitation staff photographer Glenn Pritchard worked with Gerrard Miller to re-brand his public image and help to further solidify his devious nature through imagery. The two collaborated to create an eerie editorial that depicts a toxic relationship, something everyone can related to, whether it be a person, a substance, a hobby or a situation.

Model: Laurence Ellis
Clothing: Tolu Ogundare of Beaucoup Fashion House 

View the gallery below.
Slow Death: Like a cigarette rests on fingertips, & when the scratch on my back needs an itch, sometimes she lifts me up-sometimes she’s a bitch, I’m inhaling slow death through these lips.

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