Artist Profile :: Adria Kane | The Alley V

Adria Kane is an artist in it’s rawest form. Vulnerable and honest in her work, the talented singer/songwriter might feel new to the scene but is only getting started. See our full interview below.

1. Introduce yourself and tell us why you make music?

 Many refer to me as “Miss Kain”, Adria is my first name, well my middle name but that’s a story for another lifetime. I make music because I honestly see no other meaning to my life than the action of Doug just that, making music. It’s been a huge part of my life that I actually ignored for a very long time and when I finally figured it out it was like a huge reality check to what I should have been doing all along.

2. What has had the greatest influence on your art?

My life is the greatest influence on my art. Not even just my own, but everyone around me. What I see, hear, smell, touch, plays a huge role in most of my work. I don’t really know how to act or speak on anything else. Im a very emotional artist and that comes out a lot in my music. If you didn’t know me before you’ll know atleast half of me after just 2 songs.

3. What are your thoughts on the Toronto Music Scene and where do you stand as a young artist?

 The Toronto Music Scene? To be honest, I don’t really pay close attention to it so much, probably because I’m in it as much as every other Toronto artist is. I can say that it’s definitely come a long way. There wasn’t really much to brag about before and now it’s like a nuclear bomb erupted and all types of different sounds and creativity came out. It’s beautiful seeing it grow from the ground up.

4. Why should people come see you at The Alley, what should they expect?

 I think everyone should try their best to come and see me perform live just to hear truth. I say what’s literally real in my music. I don’t hide too much, even metaphorically my words are still pretty in your face and when I perform, my intention is to allow you to feel every bit of emotion I’m going through. That’s what music is about for our generation and I feel like fans, especially as listeners deserve that type of connection live. Expect something different. I never do the same thing twice.

5. Tell us more about your latest release?

My latest release is my album entitled “Island In My Mind”. Its a literal piece. There is an island that sits directly in the middle of my mind and all of these thoughts & emotions, reside there. It goes through it all, from love to hate, sex, fear, broken relationships, almost everything that I’ve gone through or experienced over the years that has passed through my mind recently has been laid to rest on this album. I call it my heart on the outside.
Stream, “The Island in My Mind” below.

6. Where can we find your work?

 My latest/most recent work is on SoundCloud ( SOUNDCLOUD.COM/ADRIA-KAIN )
If you’re willing to donate towards Myself (the artist) and the music you can download my albums and pay at your own cost on Bandcamp ( DBLB.BANDCAMP.COM ).
Everything else, behind the scenes and up and coming is on my blog
Article By:  John”Just John” Samuels @JustJohnForReal
Photos By: Brianna Roye @BriannaBlank

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