Artist Profile :: The Loon | The Alley V

Neo Soul Singer/Songwriter, The Loon returns to play The Alley. This time around we can expect new and original content from her catalogue. Don’t be mistaken by her doll like presence, The Loon packs a powerful soulful voice that is captivating joined with introspective, clever and provocative lyrics that’ll leave your thoughts provoked in harmonies. Find out more about The Scarborough Moonchild below.


1. Introduce yourself and tell us why you make music?

My name is The Loon, aka Kira Ilona, aka Loony.
I’m majorly indecisive when it comes to my stage name, probably because I’m not even sure who I really am yet. Music helps me get a bit closer to finding out.

2. What has had the greatest influence on your art?

I’m really all about imagery and atmosphere. I get inspiration from the littlest things, so much so that it becomes overwhelming. There is often so much going on, in my head, that it is hard to tell what’s a good idea from a bad one. That gets frustrating. Lately I’ve just been trying to enjoy the ride of my imagination though, like, I’ve been trying to stop making things a certain way and instead just try to ride out things as I feel them or sense them. I really like things to feel stream-of-consciousness or even dream-like. Besides that though, my greatest external influence is Scarborough. Scarborough, all the way. All of the experiences I’ve had here, all of the terrible choices I’ve made, and the ones I continue to make. Growing up here really shaped how I view the world, and reflecting upon it all really gets me brainstorming. I always wonder why things are the way they are, how something got to be what it is, and the potential of change. Ultimately I start generating a lot of questions, which further develops my observations, which I then express by singing and writing.

3. What are your thoughts on the Toronto Music Scene and where do you stand as a young artist?

I think we are slowly starting to get there, in terms of recognition. There is no doubt that opportunities for Canadian artists are much slimmer, but I’m just really geeked to see this new wave of “Toronto” music – I love that that is considered a genre in itself – starting to become appreciated on a global level, and I love seeing more and more people, “making it” from my hometown. Toronto is brimming with so much talent that it is finally bubbling over, and I’m just so happy at how it’s being received. I’m really just starting to put myself out there musically, so I suppose I’m edging upon being a known unknown young artist in the city. Whenever someone else makes it from Toronto I feel as if I have, and I think that’s a collective Toronto feeling that isn’t unique to just myself. We are all in this together, really. 

4. Why should people come see you at The Alley, what should they expect?

A terribly awkward stage presence, and lots of hideous expressions as I sing. It’s gonna be a really good time.

5.Tell us more about your latest release? 

I released a song last June called “Red Cups”, which drew a lot more people into my shit. School took over my life this past year so I laid low for a while, but I’m finally cooking up something new again. I’ve been recording new music all summer for my first EP, I’m really excited about it. I love the recording process.

Stream “Red Cups” below.

6. Where can we find your work?

You can find a single and a feature of mine on my soundcloud page :
As well as a Kendrick Lamar remake I released on Youtube a while back:


Purchase your advance tickets today.


Article by: John “Just John” Samuels

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