Lorde Inc: The First People of Colour Modelling Agency

Nafisa, Creator of Lorde Inc

Lorde Inc is a modelling agency created by Nafisa Kaptownwala, that features models that are people of colour. According to Nafisa, the reason behind creating Lorde Inc. was partially because “…it’s a social injustice that we don’t see more of these faces more often. I was and am furious that models of colour make up a dismal amount of models presenting at fashion weeks when some of the most outstandingly beautiful people I know are people of colour. It just doesn’t make sense”

And it’s true, it doesn’t make any sense. Last year, NYFW had 148 shows, and out of 4,621 looks, only 985 were worn by models of color. 78.69%* of the models were white.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 11.12.54 AM

While the number of white models at NYFW seems to be decreasing, it’s still disappointing to see.


As long as we have dark skin, coarse hair, or flat eyelids society will keep telling us to bleach our skin, straighten our hair and widen our eyes. There are multi-million dollar industries that exist to erase POC features—to make us more white.


“I started Lorde Inc. because I wanted to draw attention to representation. But mostly, I started Lorde Inc. because I wanted to make a point that People of Color are people too. We’re not a monolith, your fetish, your type. And not only did I want to draw attention to how beautiful we are, I wanted to make a point that we shouldn’t need to have to keep fighting to prove that.”



You can keep up with Lorde Inc via their blog and instagram. For more on the creation and development of Lorde Inc, you can read Nafisa’s interview with i-D here.

*numbers aren’t 100% accurate

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