Hydeff and Tray $tarks Get Ready To Tear Heads Opening For Nitty Scott, MC

Nitty Scott, MC plays Lee’s Palace this Thursday August 20th in support of the Can I Live Charity  along with a stacked line up of opening acts. As much as I am excited to have the flower child touching down in the Six, I’m just as excited for the Toronto Talent setting the tone for the showcase from the very beginning.

One of the acts to look out for is Hydeff and Tray $tarks, a rap duo set to elevate your mind. We got the chance to go back and forth with Hydeff from the group below.

Introduce yourself and tell us why you make music?

Peace. I go by the name Hydeff. One word no spaces.
To be honest…I make music cause it was bound to happen eventually. I DJ’d as a kid…Rapped through out high school and began persuing it as a career as an adult. Music has been my life since the beginning. When we didnt have anything? We had music. I come from a family of music junkies. So i figured why not contribute to the game. Maybe even change it if possible.

What has had the greatest influence on your art, why do you live?

My life. My city. My family. My homies. My knowledge. My experiences. Those would be the biggest influences.
Why do i live? Thats a question I’ve been trynna figure out for the last couple years.
All i know is…Im trying to make my “living” somewhat meaningful.

What does it mean to you to be opening for Nitty Scott?

Shit. It’s pretty dope to be honest. I peeped some of her stuff on the “Tubes of You” and shes fire man. Straight ripped the Raw Papers freestyle. She also seemd like shes on the same wavelength as the squad so i think putting us with her is a good blend. Salute to Nitty.. Its an honor to have you homegirl!

Check out Nitty Scott’s BET Backroom freestyle below.

Tell us more about your latest release?

We just dropped our first solid “project” on 4/20 called “Enter The Void”.
It’s a mindfuck audio trip for the people to enjoy. It’s dark. It’s light. It’s gritty. It’s beautiful. It’s… Us.

We also put out a few videos for it, you can find [them] online. The latest one being a solo by me called “Window”, a continuation of the first video I ever dropped. And then up next, my man $tarks has his solo video called “The Dojo”…It should be out in no time. Check for it. Check for all of it. Shit’s flames.

Why should people come see you at Can I Live, what should they expect?

Magic. A whole lot of magic. Nah but for real? The plan is to tear heads off and entertain. Maybe even give some jewels for the people to leave with. We gets busy so disappointment is not an option.

nittyscottsqr (2)

Can I Live takes place This Thursday at Lee’s Palace [ 529 Bloor St. ]. $20 advanced tickets are still available on Can-I-Live.com. Doors open at 9pm and are $25.

Can I Live is a charity that fundraises for medical costs that began from a young bone marrow cancer patient in 2012. Since then, the charity continues to raise money and produce shows that give artists a chance to express the reasons why they live.

You can RSVP to Can I Live here.

Interviewer: John Samuels

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