CURTIA WRIGHT at VIRTUE – an all female creative exhibit

Meet Curtia.

Painter Curtia Wright talks the perception of creative women on online social media and aspirations of expanding her art into 3D! This innovative artist will be exhibiting at  VIRTUE – a female creative exhibit on September 13 at Studio 1176 sharing in the appreciation of female artists.

Read her Q&A below.

Curtia Wright_Saving Face

What inspires you to create? 

“The human condition.”

Curtia Wright_Synthesis

How do you think creative women are perceived in the industry? 

“With the rise of social media we’re all exposed to dozens of creatives; many of which being creative social media juggernauts like Misaki Kawai, Juliana Huxtable, Toyin Odutola, Trudy Benson and Lina Viktor.

Success in online social spaces like Instagram and Tumblr are often dependent on your appearance or style but true talent is always the dominating factor.

Our connection and view of creative women in these spaces have changed the way many think about them in relation to the industry, they become relatable and approachable. ”


How do you perceive feminism? 

“Feminism to me is having the ability to create and express myself freely without fear. It’s relating to other women while understanding our differences and learning from these differences. “


Where do you wish to take your art in the future? 

“I would like to explore sculpture and more 3D-digital based work. I’m trying to find the median between creating analog and digitally.

It’s a dream of mine to have my pieces colossal; I want to swallow the audience.”


You can find more of Curtia’s work at and on Instagram @Curtia_Covn.


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