BLUES at VIRTUE – an all female creative exhibit

Meet Blues.

Such raw talent and passion in a smooth Jazz voice. It’s easy to say there is none other like Blues. Channeling her creativity through her emotions, you can’t help but feel it when she raises her voice. She first blew us away during open mic at IIIN earlier this year. Now we have the chance to enjoy a full set by Blues at VIRTUE – a female creative exhibit on September 13 at Studio 1176. You don’t want to miss this.

Listen to Blues while reading our interview with her below.

What inspires you to create?

“A lot of things inspire my creativity. I’m always inspired by random strangers on a daily basis, but the majority of my creativity is eternally driven. It all depends on how i feel at that moment. Whether it’s happiness or sadness, I deal with that particular emotion by creating something with it.”

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How do you think creative women are perceived in the industry?

“I think they’re perceived well but very few of them are getting the recognition they deserve. It’s quite scary to me when i think about the possibility of my work not ever being recognized because i am a woman.”


How do you perceive feminism?

“It still surprises me that we are still constantly having to prove ourselves simply because of our gender at this day and age. Feminism is necessary because [it] makes my life and the everyday woman’s life a little bit easier.”


Where do you wish to take your art in the future?

“I wish to take my art internationally. “

Follow Blues on SoundCloud for more enchantment and on social media @Mynameisblues on Instagram & @Myynameisblues on Twitter.



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