ZAHRA SIDDIQUI at VIRTUE – an all female creative exhibit

Meet Siddiqui.

This photographer has an eye for the not so typical details. Zahra’s unique eye often creates a feeling of appreciation in her images, allowing us to take a moment to not only appreciate her art but to appreciate the people she photographs. Meet the artist herself and see her outstanding artwork up close at VIRTUE – a female creative exhibit on September 13th at Studio 1176. You don’t want to miss this.

Learn more about Zahra’s art and her views on what it really takes to be a feminist in our short Q&A below.

What inspires you to create?

“I’m inspired to create because I’m motivated to be conscious and mindful of my surroundings. This includes being mindful of the people I meet, the little details that might go unnoticed and those moments in between blinks.

Photography is a way for me to “stop and smell the roses.”

How do you think creative women are perceived in the industry?

“I’m not sure how creative women are perceived in the industry but I know that from my experience a creative women might often be seen as a woman who does not need help or support. Sometimes the road feels quite lonely.

Although social media support is humbling and helpful it is often not what a artist needs, in terms of support.

Perception is also dependent on how the creative woman feels about herself and her art…. which is why women working together can be very empowering and is very necessary.”

How do you perceive feminism?

“Feminism is a word I don’t completely relate too, mainly because of how it’s been portrayed in media.

I am definitely a woman who feels powerful, for just being a woman, but with this being said I also feel that being a feminist is someone who has done the work to be open and has allowed themselves to really see the magnificence which comes in the form of a woman. The resilience, the intelligence, the sensitivity, the creativity, the nurturing abilities, the emotions, pain tolerance, the obstacles of inequality and harassment faced daily, specifically as a woman of colour………….I am aware and mindful of the power women hold. So when I think of feminism, I’m really thinking of a super power…..the best kind :).”

Where do you wish to take your art in the future?

“My future is one that I can’t always see clearly because I see my art changing over time.

What I do know is that I’d like to take my style of photography and my love for music/artists/portraits and work for The Fader magazine. Their aesthetic and content has consistently stimulated me and it’s the only magazine I purchase or read. Until this dream manifests itself I will continue to practice my craft and do my best to expand, not only an artist but as a person.”

Find Zahra Siddiqui on Instagram @zahra_siddiqui, on her blog or contact her at for business inquiries.


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