CHANTAL ROSE at VIRTUE – an all female creative exhibit

Meet Chantal.

This creative uses photography as her method of self expression. Often photographing women, she shares a feeling of esteem and acknowledgment through her models. Chantal believes that feminism should eventually cultivate a sisterhood. She will be sharing this ideal with many other female creatives at  VIRTUE – a female creative exhibit on September 13th at Studio 1176.

Learn more about Chantal’s creativity in our Q&A below.

Featured artist Sydanie Moon modelling for Chantal Rose

What inspires you to create?

“Photography is the ultimate manifestation of my imagination, intimate thoughts and feelings.

I create to identify my self in relation to others and the world around me.  Also I find fulfillment in helping creative cultivate and transform their vision in to genuine representations of them selves.”

How do you think creative women are perceived in the industry?

“I feel like creative women in the industry are a necessary force.  The artist I identify with are refining perceptions of women and setting an example aspiring artists.”

Sashelle-6How do you perceive feminism?

“Feminism is taking ownership of our voice, our stories, and our experiences, reminding us of our strength and our nature as creative beings.

It is important to be conscious of our divine feminine energy, and to use it to appropriate our true erotic nature.  We must refute forms of oppression and objectification that deny women from true expression of their selves. I believe that feminism should involve the cultivation of sisterhood both culturally and universally.”

XolisaWhere do you wish to take your art in the future?

“As I continue to use photography as a medium for self-exploration and storytelling, I hope to share these experiences in galleries and art museums. I also see myself applying my photography to other artistic endeavours.”


Follow Chantal on Instagram @__chantalrose to see more of her photos.


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