SYDANIE MOON at VIRTUE – an all female creative exhibit

Meet Sydanie.

If you’re into lyrical genius and ambient beats, you should give her a listen. Toronto MC Sydanie Moon is undoubtedly insanely creative but she also has a message that she won’t forget. This passion allows her to make music that makes you feel, relate and groove. After captivating the audience with her stage presence at The Alley V, we knew she was perfect to share her energy at  VIRTUE – a female creative exhibit on September 13th at Studio 1176.

Sydanie speaks on her creativity and shows us her perspective in our Q&A below. Listen to her latest track “Life On Repeat.”



What inspires you to create?

“I draw a lot of inspiration from my ever changing emotions; whether it is my personal life or the world around me, I most often use my music as a conversation.

Sometimes with the people, but usually with myself, about where I’m at in my thoughts or feelings, and how im dealing with them. On good days, I’m eager to share a message of truth, encouragement, and love. On bad ones I write to save myself. Music and art are expressions and extensions of very real narratives, so I just aim to make my music as honest and true to self as possible & share the good, bad and ugly.”


How do you think creative women are perceived in the industry?

“Creative women are seen in the most exaggerated variations of who we truly are: rebellious, graceful, unwithered, and untamed.

In a man’s world, a woman who owns all of her essence and thus creativity is far more powerful than most male egos can handle, therefore creative women are often seen as a threat. With the rise of the new age wave and new civil rights movement though, there’s no denying that in the west, we have far more appreciation for femininity and female creativity than we did even 25 years ago. There’ll always be room for improvement within the social construct of how women and more specifically creative women are perceived.”


How do you perceive feminism?

“I’m afraid to answer this question because my breakdown of feminism and understanding of it puts me on the opposing side of many feminists, in a time where being a feminist is super trendy, so I’ll probably step on some toes, but WHATEVER. There is, without a shadow of a doubt, a need for equity and equality amongst women, worldwide. The safety, education and freedom of women everywhere is too important to act like the perceived cause for feminism, isn’t alive and well. As a black woman though, I don’t seek to become unified amongst any group before black people and black women, and though black feminists and “intersectional feminism” exists, it leaves definite room for us [black women] to be removed from the conversation, as we always are.

Feminism is too inclusive and exclusive at the same time.

The big faces of feminism OPPRESS WOMEN WHO DO NOT CONFORM TO THEIR IDEAL WAYS OF BEING A FREE FEMINIST. White women ridicule modestly dressed or religious women, claiming they have no freedom, but true feminism celebrates and encourages ALL THE IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF BEING FEMININE, FEMALE AND female identified. Feminism also doesn’t tell the truth to women about their bodies. Yes, we are sexual, sensual, beautiful creatures. Many feminists, who highlight pseudo-spiritualist ideas, never discuss the effects sex can have on spiritual health, especially to women of color. When white culture exploits our black bodies, it confuses us into thinking that if we willingly take off our clothes, this is freedom. SMH. White women (generally speaking), discuss white issues, which are irrelevant to me, my sisters, my mother and my daughter. Not to say issues amongst white women don’t matter or exist, but as I mentioned, issues amongst every other race will always trump ours in the big pretty feminist umbrella. Feminism should be sucking up grant money from the government to seek programs and rehabilitation for grieving mothers of dead black bodies, and African centered psychology to heal the minds of single mothers, grieving the loss of fathers swallowed by the hand of THEIR white male counterparts, but you don’t see any super feminists hoisting black people onto their shoulders, they continue to exploit our stories, our culture, and our needs. I could go on forever, but my reality says peace, truth, justice, freedom and equality for all living people, but fuck feminism.”

12016229_10153220941646896_1464631611_oWhere do you wish to take your art in the future?

“As easy as it is to get caught in the hype of wanting to be “famous” & tour, I really wanna ensure my message isn’t falling on deaf ears. There is time to jiggle up and times to study and heed. I wanna take my music places where that is understood. I love to have fun, but I also love to be in recluse and I make music for peeps like that.

I want my art to go where people have questions that burn through the thoughts we are told to think.

We live in a time of blurred lines, and ever-changing definitions of perceived reality; I want my music to reach people looking for something like water…something that regardless of its state or shape, it is sure to remain the same. If that means 10,000 people in each major city cool; if it means a venue full of people that love and support me at home, that is cool too.”

Hear more of Sydanie’s music follow her on SoundCloud

Photography by Brianna Roye.




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