Startup Fashion Week Is Back In Toronto October 5-9


Canada’s creative industries continue to bud and with growth comes adjustments.

Many Canadian entrepreneurs have the talent to be in the ranks with some of the most seasoned professionals in the world but a lot of the time what’s missing is the formal training.

With the fashion industry rapidly changing there needs to be more resources  available for designers to reach their full potential. The fashion game is now being played on more fronts than simply the designer side alone. It’s now being played on the Retail-Tech, Fashion-Tech and Wearable-Tech fronts globally. Startup Fashion Week sets out to provide the tools and bridge the gap between the creative side and business side for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Startup Fashion Week is an initiative that showcases and educates aspiring entrepreneurs in the fields of fashion, business and technology to help creatives reach higher in their careers.

After a successful sold out event last year,  Startup Fashion Week is back with its annual world’s only fashion week that focuses on fashion, technology and business with an emphasis on providing support and awareness for emerging startups. Startup Fashion Week will not only focus on a traditional runway production, but it brings together a community of people at conferences and forums to provide access to key individuals.

Founder and Executive Producer of Startup Fashion Week, Jodi Goodfellow says,

“As a business founder, I know how tough it is to build from scratch, especially on a budget with limited resources. These events will provide a unique opportunity for the type of mentorship, networking and knowledge sharing that will enable fashion startups to thrive. I remind entrepreneurs all the time that Networking is your Net Worth.”

she native
She Native

Startup Fashion Week will span five days:

Day 1: Monday, October 5, 6:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.: Media Launch / Opening Party at Nest (423 College Street) Start with the media launch party for media personnell only followed by an opening party that is open to the public. The event is presented by our sponsor Futurpreneur Canada and in support of our charity partner Brands For Canada. Attendees will meet some of the participants, sponsors and dance to music played by Dj Greedo from Del Vinyl. Media kits will be available for pick-up.

Day 2: Tuesday, October 6, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.: Business of Fashion Conference at BrightLane Inc. (545 King Street West, entrance in the alley) hosted by PR/Communications expert Megan Vickell of Megan Vickell Public Relations, featuring 15 leading industry thought leaders from Brands For Canada, Pastel Dress PartyShe Native,#FabriKiteDaniel Christian TangAird & Berlis LLPTheVanesmak, Futurpreneur Canada, Canada Post andNARCES; keynote by Linda Lundstrom.

Day 3: Wednesday, October 7, 6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.: Fashion Career Forum at Aird & Berlis LLP (181 Bay Street, Suite 1800, Brookfield Place) hosted by social media guru Elle Bulger of McGregor Socks, featuring 7 fashion professionals sharing their career journey and job descriptions from Anastassia SEL JewelryHudson’s BayYaser & Mayasa Fashion Ltd., Brands for Canada, TRENDS Magazine and Marketing Edge Magazine.

Day 4: Thursday, October 8, 6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.: Fashion Tech Forum at Telus (25 York Street, third floor) hosted by Tom Emrich of We Are Wearables featuring five fashion startups that explore fashion and technology including Ezzy LynnPOUT, Daniel Christian Tang, Northern Lineage, and BioSensive Technologies Inc.

Day 5: Friday, October 9, 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.: Future of Fashion Runway Show/Closing Party at Telus (25 York Street, third floor) hosted by Drew Brown of Novella Magazine presenting collections from Amanda Maria, She Native,Maison CYMAWear Your Label and Pepper Couture.  There will also be a Wearable Tech showcase including Ear-O-SmartMUSE, Daniel Christian Tang and a showcase from TELUS. Sponsors Futurpreneur and City of Toronto will also feature a special presentation from Peace Collective.

Startup Fashion Week will also bring awareness to the official Charity Partner, Brands For Canada (previously known as Windfall Basics).

RSVP to Start Up Fashion Week’s Future of Fashion Runway Show Here.

Tickets can be purchased at

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