Listen to Leila Dey’s New EP “I’ve Arrived”

The wait is over.

After three years Leila Dey shares her latest offering with “I’ve Arrived”. The 7-track EP is a bare representation of Leila’s trials, experiences and mindset.

Listen to the full EP below.

The EP flows really nicely together and the three year absence just goes to show that HOURS were spent to craft this piece of art perfectly. The EP serves timeless messages that can resonate with any listener like “I know” or “Karma” and it’s a warning sign to naysayers that Leila is not letting anyone stop her from success.

Another highlight is the track “Do You”. Leila collaborates with the late Redway, an emerging Brampton Rapper who passed away this summer, which makes the record all the more monumental.

Leila’s “I’ve arrived” is a strong introduction to what’s to come from the Toronto songstress and we can only hope she doesn’t go away anytime soon. But if she does we’re hopeful she’s coming back with some more fire.

Let us know what you think about the project in the comments below.



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