Brendan Philip- “Culture Power Vol. 0”


Brendan Philip;a singer/songwriter from Toronto from the Fake Art Records collective just released his new EP “Culture Power Vol. 0” through Dine Alone Records on Friday.

He has performed with some of the known artists such as, Thundercat, BADBADNOTGOOD, Shad, and been a part of a track “Come Over” by Keita Juma featuring BP, which made it to number one on the AUX TVs Top 25 videos charts. It is clear that BP has been making moves and getting familiarized in the industry by being on Exclaim and Much Musics’ Office Session as an R&B artist.

In this EP, you can hear and tell that most of these tracks are about love, getting lost in it, being sick from it, and the good feels from it. He mentions freedom, ignorance, self-control, drugs, wisdom, addiction dependency, and praying for peace. The beats he sings over are psychedelic influenced because they are so trippy. Most of this EP is singing with a bit of rapping on track 3;”Row”, which is a nice switch up to get you back into the EP, since you get so lost into his singing. Listening to this EP makes you feel but think at the same time. The first track is sad sounding but reminds me of an activist singing about freedom and love, then the second track is about feeling like your in the dark and the third track is almost as if he is describing how our generation does drugs and is ignorant, yet we want peace and love. Then the fourth track is about the good parts of how love feels, and the fifth track is about questioning life, the “other side”, and what’s to live for and talk about.(which is auto-tuned) The last track is very happy and how he will find a way out of however he is feeling. Overall, the whole EP connects to each track and has different vibes to it, and that’s what I love about it because that’s how life is in general.

Along with Brendan Philip is the “FAROUT gang” who are a group of people who are determined to impact Toronto’s music scene and the art world with “Culture Power” which is inspiring because BP’s purpose of making music for the public is to create songs of freedom that inspire those to break free from darkness.

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